What is The Art of the Bold?

Let’s start with some honesty – I do not know what The Art of the Bold is – yet.

I can say that it will be a journey and give you some background on why I decided to create this passion project.

For several years I have been doing workshops, webinars, coaching groups, coaching individuals and lots of people on lots of different areas of their lives. Fundamentally I am good at three things – analyzing problems, thinking of solutions to solving problems and then connecting people to other resources to solve those problems.

Previously, I tried to start a site focused on just career coaching called Amendment Nine. I’ve turned Amendment Nine just into my consulting business. It’s why you’ll find the other blogs on here focused on professional development. However that felt too stifling. I love to delve in to lots of different areas and I am full of ideas. During a session with my therapist, he helped me to see that I create joy in my life by helping others recognize their own power simply by being present in a way that fits their journey. I actually really fought with myself over it because there are so many people who have huge followings who write words, sayings, etc. that I love. They create in a way that I wish I could. But I feel like I’ve been called to do this even if it is just for myself and so here I am.

So The Art of the Bold will be the culmination of those things. I can promise that it may feel random so I will try to organize it as much as possible. I can also tell you that for me, this platform will be used to talk about a lot of different topics and create an opportunity for me to think through some ideas I have that are still seedlings.

The name of this site comes from my mother. During a workshop I gave on risk-taking and your career (one of my most popular), I referenced taking bold action and she turned that into my catch-phrase – The Art of the Bold.

It will also be an opportunity for those looking for speakers, a coach or a workshop leader to come and figure out if I am the right fit for you.

Thank you for allowing me the space in your life. I hope that I can honor that in a very small way.

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